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Skateboard This Shit

go skate
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this community is about skateboarding and the spirit, lifestyle, and love of it.

heres what will keep this community flowing:

1. post pictures even if you "dont think youre good", its all about the fun. not the tricks you can do. and we love to see pictures of fun right?

2. talk about anything skateboarding related, got a new setup? tell us. learned a new trick? tell us..anything.

3. we love stories...post on them.

4. if you need some advice on a decision of what to buy or what to do, join and ask, questions always end up with answers.

5. if youre going to critisize, dont do it with attitude, if we catch any bad discrimiation we will ban you. so think twice, this community is postive not negative.

6. we love skateboarding fashion as well.